Powerful Paradigms

My strongest passions, skills and talents invite me to bring out the best in others…to help people get excited about the life they are living! And so, the three avenues through which I’m helping people maximize their own potential are: coaching, inspirational speaking and facilitating…all so that I am: Maximizing the ‘Miracle of Me’ in service of others…my purpose! my stand! my promise!

About Doris Orr

I am passionate about shining the spotlight on each person’s greatness! I love helping people get excited about their own unique ‘Miracle of Me’.

My life experiences were greatly enhanced by working in Wellington NZ, London, Munich, Zurich, New York, Bermuda and Vancouver in the areas of finance, project management and risk management as a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA).

After 25 years in the corporate world I obtained my certification as an executive coach (CEC) and now combine my executive and business coaching and inspirational speaking with my passion for helping people live in their full potential.


Doris Orr…has deep expertise in finance, board governance, and is also a certified coach. She is a gifted facilitator and it is a delight to introduce her…

DeniseMay 2017

I really loved your energy – and your calmness.

TeresaAugust 2017

Mindfulness is the word that comes to mind when I reflect on your coaching style…there is a piece of your coaching going on at a whole other level… very energetic, almost spiritual

ScottOctober 2016

I am doing extremely well on my ‘Miracle of Me’! I have had so many fabulous days and only a few moments of sadness and anger. I love the journaling and have found a couple of close friends to monitor and encourage my progress.

CherylAugust 2017


I enthusiastically partner with my clients to help them feel empowered to fully live their ‘Miracle of Me’! …and I work with them to connect them with their passions, their strengths, their unique stamp of brilliance…and more!

Coaching includes 1×1 coaching, team coaching and business coaching… starting each JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY with YOUR DREAM. This becomes the big picture, your desired outcome that we work towards together…with truly exciting and profound results!

Inspirational Speaking

I openly share my insights, my wisdom, my story with groups of people so that they can leave feeling more energized, and equipped with their launch pad to liftoff…to an amazing life…and fully equipped and ready to keep unleashing their own inner ‘super power’. I’ve got many inspirational insights around many topics of personal self-development, journeys of self-discovery, as well as leading teams and team development. Also some technical topics gleaned from my 25+ years in the corporate world include: project / change management, financial management and risk management.


I love working with groups that desire to achieve a common vision! It’s always so rewards working with them and watching them achieve this desired outcome!

My style is to have a good balance between a structured and a free-flowing approach. This helps to optimize participant engagement and exciting outcomes. Giving participants space, yet moving the discussions along at an invigorating pace!


Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment. Coaches honour the client as the expert in his/her own life and work and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.

  • Why would I want to be coached?

    The benefits of coaching:

    • Deep learning that ‘sticks’ beyond the coaching conversation
    • Improved ability to navigate rapid and continuous change
    • Better relationships through more deliberate communication
    • Increased effectiveness as a leader, manager, supervisor, or employee
    • Greater awareness of self and self-agency
    • Enhanced ability to identify goals and achieve desired outcomes.
  • So what exactly is coaching?

    Coaching is a confidential and action focused dialogue between a coach and client in order to explore a challenge brought forward by the client.

    It is a form of facilitated learning.

    The role of the coach is to serve the client to find clarity through observation and questions. The coach listens and is present for the client.

    The role of the client is to bring forward a topic that they want to discuss with the genuine intent to learn and improve.

  • Am I ready for coaching?

    Coaching is not appropriate for all people at all times. You must be willing to change.

    You may be ready for coaching if one or more of the following statements resonate with you:

    • I have a topic, challenge, issue, or situation that I am willing to be coached on
    • I am willing to establish a coaching relationship
    • I am eager to explore diverse solutions to my challenges
    • I am open and willing to participate in a mutual learning partnership
    • I would like to grow my self-awareness and expand my perspectives
    • I am open to unpacking my beliefs, attitudes, and values as they relate to my challenges
    • I buy in to the premise that I have the solutions within me.
  • Is coaching the same as counseling/consulting/ mentoring?


    Coaching is a distinct approach to having a conversation focused on self-reflection and action. It is not about a coach telling you the “right” answers or providing advice.

    A coach will not sell you information (consulting), show you the way (mentoring), or try to fix you (counseling).

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